Summer Evenings Slugger Menu

*Free Peanuts on the Patio All Summer Long*

Munchie Monday

Mojitos $5

Loaded Nachos $10

Loaded Potachoes $10

Chicken Wings .50¢ each

Feautre Appetizer

Taco & Tequila Tuesday

Tequila Infused Cocktails $5

Mouth Watering Taco Features

Pizza & Pork Wednesday

Paralyzer Cocktail Features $5

12” Chef Inspires Pizza

Dry Ribs $8

Sushi Thursday

Caesar Cocktail Features $5

Feature Sushi Rolls $9

Fish Bowl Friday

Feature Fishbowl Cocktails $12

All Day Fresh Beer Battered Fish and Chips.

BBQ & Beer Saturday

Premium Ice Cold Beer

Outdoor Grilled Souvlaki choice of chicken, pork or beef.

East Indian Sunday

Stella Artois on Tap $5

Chef Johnson Inspired Features.

* = Spicy

** = Customer Favourite